32 oz Spray Bottle

32 oz Spray Bottle
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32 oz.  Spray - Ready to use.  Covers 80 square feet.


EPA approved SmartShield creates an invisible antimicrobial barrier to protect surfaces against bacteria, mold and mildew growth for up to 90 days.  SmartShield quick-dries in 3 minutes to form a protective seal.  Eco-friendly, the water-based formula contains no toxins, solvents or harsh chemicals, and can be applied to most surfaces (including porous and non-porous). Colorless, odorless, and environmentally friendly, SmartShield is ideal for environments where infection control is a priority.


Easy To Apply - Just spray on surface and it quick-dries in 3-5 minutes, it's that easy!
SmartShield provides a layer of antimicrobial protection on applied surfaces and touch points, including:

  • Door knobs, elevator buttons, high-touch areas.
  • Computers, peripherals
  • Furniture
  • Point of care carts
  • Curtains, Uniforms

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